Co-Scholastic Subjects


Academic excellence is important but we also provide our students with wide range of opportunities and learning experiences. Co-curricular activities include Karatte, Music, Dance, Band, Yoga, Skating, Cooking, Art and Craft


Our school offers an exciting array of swimming co-curricular activities, where students dive into a world of aquatic exploration. From competitive swim meets to water aerobics and lifesaving skills training, these activities not only promote physical fitness but also instill confidence and teamwork, making a splash in the holistic development of our students.

Roller Skating

That’s fantastic! Roller skating is a great activity that offers various physical and mental benefits. It’s not only a fun way to spend time but also an excellent form of exercise. Roller skating can help build physical endurance, boost cardiovascular health, and improve balance and coordination.


Yoga improves flexibility, helps our students relax. Consider offering specialized yoga classes tailored to different levels or specific goals. For example, you could have classes for beginners, intermediate practitioners, or sessions focused on relaxation, strength-building, or even mindfulness meditation.


Individuals with high self-esteem are generally more resilient in the face of challenges. They are better equipped to bounce back from setbacks and view failures as opportunities for growth rather than as reflections of their worth.


Embark on a strategic journey with our chess co-curricular activities, where students master the art of critical thinking and decision-making. Through tournaments, strategy sessions, and chess club engagements, participants not only sharpen their intellectual prowess but also foster a sense of sportsmanship, creating a checkmate of learning and enjoyment within our school community.


Engage in the world of innovation through our robotics co-curricular activities, where students design, build, and program robots. From exciting competitions to collaborative projects, participants not only develop technical skills but also cultivate creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork. This dynamic program sparks a passion for technology and lays the groundwork for future innovators within the school community.

Arts and Crafts

Encouraging creativity through arts and crafts in a co-curricular program is a fantastic initiative! Here are some strategies and ideas to help unleash creativity among your participants




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Science Club

Literary and Oratory

Eco Club

Maths Club

Disaster Management Club

Integrity Club

A wing of Junior Red Cross also functions in the school. For students from class V and above membership in at least one club is mandatory.