Growing, learning, succeeding

Books open, possibilities unfold

St. Thomas Public School set its journey in 2002 with a strong aim and goal to provide quality education to the students in and around Perumbavoor. With concrete and absolute milestones in academic and non- academic domains, we have mapped the educational realm. STPS is always keen and obliged to provide scholarships for the enthusiastic and ardent learners but who cannot meet the needs. The school extends its helping hand to the needy and deserving throughout. Rather than bookish knowledge , we uphold the ideology of overall development of an individual. STPS believes that a person’s character and behaviour are much sublime than anything else. Hence we carve our students to be better human beings and responsible citizens through various scholastic and non- scholastic activities. All achievements were attained with the commendable and unstinted support and encouragement of our parents and alumni. We are advancing our journey covering prominent landmarks. Let’s together strive for new and greater heights.


Fr. John Puthooran